​​Portalesc is a Nintex and Microsoft 365 consulting company, based in San Diego, and founded by professional consultants, software engineers and solution architects. Our mission is to ​​provide innovative technology solutions to our clients, that will allow them to realize the full potential of their workforce. Business process optimization and process automation are the main driving factors in increasing employee productivity and efficiency. No matter which cloud or on-premise platforms your business uses, we can design and develop the integration and automation frameworks that allow them to work together seamlessly.​

​​Proven Architecture

Our architects combine best practices with years of practical experience in order to ensure that our clients get solutions that are not only functional, but maintainable, upgradable, and usable.  End user empowerment puts a tremendous amount of power into the user’s hands, but without proper architecture and governance, the risk of a “wild west” scenario becomes all too often a reality.

​​​Keeping it Local

Portalesc is a San Diego based company that operates all over the country, and we take pride in providing the best services for America’s finest cities. Large, global organizations with outrageous administrative overhead, will never be able to match the level of service and efficiency that can be achieved by professionals that live and work where you do.

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